Thank You for your votes!

Dr. Herbert Kee files over 1887 petition signatures to qualify for the September ballot. Jenny and Dr. Kee are grateful for the overwhelming support from the community.

English Translation – Sing Tao July 14 article with picture of Dr Kee at Board of Elections

The candidates for District Leaders filed their petitions at the Board of Elections yesterday (July 13). Current District Leader, Dr. Herbert L. Kee, filed a petition with 1887 signatures while his opponent did not disclose the number of signatures on his petition. Both sides can potentially challenge each other’s petition. The candidate with less than 500 valid signatures would not qualify.

Dr. Kee, whose District Leader partner is Jenny L. Low who is the Board Chair of Chinese-American Planning Council, went with his wife, Virginia Kee, to file his petition at the Board of Elections. He said he hopes that others in the Asian community will actively participate in the electoral process, which is the only way to protect the interest of the community.

Dr. Kee and Jenny Low have already received endorsements from State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, New York City Comptroller John Liu, State Senator Daniel Squadron, and Chinese Chamber of Commerce President, Justin Yu.

Dr Kee’s and Jenny Low’s opponents also filed their petition that supposedly had more than the required 500 signatures.

The District Leaders race in 64 AD Part D has been uneventful for years. With Paul Lee challenging the current District Leaders, this year’s race is drawing attention.

According to the Board of Elections, candidates must file their petitions by mid-night on July 14. Candidates can challenge each other’s petition for validity of the signatures on the petition. Basis of the challenge can include: voter living outside of the district, vote is not a party member, etc. A candidate is not qualified unless their petition has a minimum of 500 signatures.

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