About Us


District Leaders are unpaid volunteer elected officials and each district has two District Leaders, one male and one female, with the same responsibilities. This guarantees gender parity in the Democratic Party, established by Eleanor Roosevelt as part of the reform movement. Each term of office is two years and there are no term limits. Elections are held in odd-numbered years.

District Leaders identify and champion the community’s needs before elected officials and government agencies. They work with community organizations and other neighborhood-based civic groups on local issues. Although District Leaders have no legislative authority or budget, they are often successful in advocating for both legislation and funding related to community needs by working closely with neighborhood elected officials.

District Leaders serve as conduits to the community they serve and they play a very important role in communicating the needs and concerns of the community to elected officials. District Leaders also have a role in electing judges for New York’s Civil, Supreme and Surrogate Courts. In addition, District Leaders sit on the Executive Committee of the NY County Democratic Committee and attend Democratic Committee meetings. District Leaders are an essential role in our electoral process by educating voters about various candidates and help mobilize voters to vote on Election Day.


The 65th Assembly District, part D comprises a majority of Chinatown from Broome Street to Park Row to East Broadway and Market Street.


Chung Seto, President
PoLing Ng, 1st Vice President
Elba Lopez, Secretary
Virginia Kee, President Emeritus

The United Democratic Organization was founded by Dr Herbert Kee, Virginia Kee and Jenny Low to create a strong voice for Asian American voters within the Democratic Party in New York. The Mission is to bring progressive Democrats together to register, mobilize and educate voters on candidates, elections, legislation, policy on the city, state and national level of government. The Club is committed to further the interests and participation of all citizens in the civic affairs of our community.